Sunday, July 11, 2010

Break Free Canvas

Last year I commissioned a textile art work for an associate. I loved combining the natural twigs, and bark, with texture paint, oils and glimmer mist on canvas. To create this three piece panel, I randomly screened the canvas with Tattered Angel Glimmer screens, then applied a combination of tattered leather, olive, ochre, forest green, burnt umber, black, chestnut, and metallic, sprays and paints.

The title "Break Free" represents getting lost in the forest and then having to find your way back, through the shadows and trees. The flow of twigs across the three canvas frames, is the symbolism of the trees creating a fence to keep someone trapped in the forest.

Accents of gold appear through the leaves and just as the sun shines through the natural canopy, the hints of gold and bronze oils touching the sticks, remind the on looker that there is always hope; even in the darkness of the shadows, deep in the forest.

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