Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spring Moments

How suddenly the seasons change. I have been lost in love and crazy busy with work. Now is the silly season for weddings. Throw two wonderfully energetic children into the blend, school holidays and a new realtionship and it seems i have neglected my blog. Let me add a few photos from the past few months to outline how amazing my life is. Enjoy. Be inspired and please..... create from the emotion and joy xx

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Of late I have been heavily influenced by Little Birdy and Adele. Both powerful artists. when I have their music on, I find my creative mind opens with ease. Thans for the lyrics and the transportation to a better place in my mind.

Just click on the links under Music; on my blog; and enjoy the songs that always leave me feeling good. Little Birdy, Brother and Adele, One and Only. Enjoy xx

Estomac Art

I have been so busy the past few months launching my new business. Estomac Art, creates unique torso, bust and pregnancy castings. Artistry can range from burlesque, bridal, faux elements such as copper, granite, marble, leather and natural castings like, verdigris, cast iron, rust and paper bark. Find more information on facebook at Estomac Art:unique pregnancy castings.

This image was taken by Capturing Lifes Colour. Casting at 39 weeks and then baby Indianna snuggled back in her tummy at a week old.

Monday, April 25, 2011

God's Gift

In life we are truly blessed with single moments of brilliance. Perhaps a dolphin frolicking in the ocean, a stroll along the shore at the break of day, a lingering kiss, uncontrollable laughter and then this...... the timing of autumn sunsets and the waves in perfect unison. Smiths Beach 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Afternoon Canvas

Anticipating the change of season and summer welcoming the cooler months of Autumn; I painted this 12" by 24" canvas. Oils and acrylics on canvas then stamped with glimmer mist and acryclic paints.

I like to create an element of interest, so added some twigs and then altered paper kaiser flowers to compliment the autumn hues. Just loving the repetiton and appeal of the imagery created by stamping into paint. Time to go shopping for some bew groovy foam stamps!

Monday, February 7, 2011

seasons forever

Sometimes, the ideas transform beautifully to the page. in just a few hours, this layout was complete. It was finished with tattered angels glimmer glam painted over the photograph and glimmer mist to alter the colours of the flowers.

Brother and sister..... friends... like the seasons..... forever: Layout created Oct 2010

her little home

"Mummy, can I please take my little house back to my bedroom?" Amelia begged me when she saw this woodcraft cottage on display in the craft shop today. I took a photo and told her, Mummy will get it back to her soon. The colours match her quirky candy coloured bedroom, lime green, sherbet and fairy floss pink. This cute little home was made back in 2009 and one of my very first ever creations that were off the page.

welcome home

This was a design team challenge, using a colour scheme that I rarely choose for myself. I am a lover autumn tones. Mystical shades of green, orange and subtle golds and brown, so imagine my horror when I was shown pale blue to work with. Complimenting the gorgeous papers however, were rich chocolate colours and brass embellishments.

This collage painters tray is ready to display mini 2" photos to reflect family, love, and home life.

Friday, February 4, 2011

delicate friendship

The rose symbolises a delicate touch and yellow is significant of friendship. What a lovely combinatin to discover both as day turns into night. Midnight hues of blue descend, as petals of gold luminate the darnkess within.

Oils on canvas 6" by 12" with acrylic stamping and glimmer mist overlay.

A New Dawn

Darkness fades, and the vibrance of sungold and teal blend to create a beautiful new dawn. I woke up this monring with my fingertips ready to be around a paint brush, visions of a bright colourful world, at the break of day.

This 6" by 6" piece is oils on wood with acyrlic stamping.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

cherished memories

Photographs are like music. sometimes you hear the tune, like seeing the image and it reminds us of a truly wonderful moment in life. This layout hangs in my loungeroom with one of my favourite photos on it. The kids holding hands and watching the ducks on the water as the summer clouds roll by overhead. Afternoons spent together at the park as a family are often the most beautiful cherished memories.

Back to Basics

After losing my mojo for so long and focusing on the expression of words rather than scrpbooking, I recently found my scissors and reintroduced them to some great paper! These layouts are basic, in comparison to my heavily embellished and layered projects of the past. But the fresh, feminie pages lend themselves to some great photos that will become the true draw card on the layout.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunset Gold

Fiji Inspriation

Recently went to Fiji with friends and was completely inspired by the tropical island landscapes. A friend commented to me on the last day, that even when I am relaxing I never seem to turn off my artists eye or my creative mind. This was an unexpected compliment and I guess looking back on some of my photos I can see what she meant... Just seems it is easier for my to see past the obvious to more eclectic shots. Fiji inspiraton begins with a photo I have called The Hibisucs Cafe!

Edible Art

I am so wonderfully jealous of people who can bake and make cakes. This masterpiece was made for my daughters fourth birhtday party, themed rock star fairies. The expression on her face when she saw her cake was not anything I could put into words. Thanks you to Samantha, my friend and the most incredible person in the kitchen I know.

Christmas Memories

Life has been so busy recently. Christmas, new love, lost love, birthday parties and holidays. In turn , I have been very slack in updating my blog and sharing my artwork and inspiration. Here is a little reflection on Christmas 2010. This year was the first time the children helped hang the glass decorations and ornate baubles for the tree. Learning to stand back and admire the beauty and brilliance of the festive season.