Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunset Gold

Fiji Inspriation

Recently went to Fiji with friends and was completely inspired by the tropical island landscapes. A friend commented to me on the last day, that even when I am relaxing I never seem to turn off my artists eye or my creative mind. This was an unexpected compliment and I guess looking back on some of my photos I can see what she meant... Just seems it is easier for my to see past the obvious to more eclectic shots. Fiji inspiraton begins with a photo I have called The Hibisucs Cafe!

Edible Art

I am so wonderfully jealous of people who can bake and make cakes. This masterpiece was made for my daughters fourth birhtday party, themed rock star fairies. The expression on her face when she saw her cake was not anything I could put into words. Thanks you to Samantha, my friend and the most incredible person in the kitchen I know.

Christmas Memories

Life has been so busy recently. Christmas, new love, lost love, birthday parties and holidays. In turn , I have been very slack in updating my blog and sharing my artwork and inspiration. Here is a little reflection on Christmas 2010. This year was the first time the children helped hang the glass decorations and ornate baubles for the tree. Learning to stand back and admire the beauty and brilliance of the festive season.